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Free word search games – worth the money?

You’re stuck at home.

You’ve been through Netflix.

You’ve watched every box set there is.

But your brain needs something more, something to keep you sane during these dark Covid days.

Tried doing a word search or other online word game?

Well you’re not alone! Searches for word games and mind puzzles have rocketed over the past year. So here at Gnews we’ve decided to take a look at what free word search games are out there and give them a review for you. We’re so kind…

As part of what might turn out to be a series, we thought we’d start our review of free word games with word searches.

Word searches, remember them? 

Now, many of you might remember word games from school, or maybe seen them in the papers but word searches online are a whole different thing.

Gone are the days of just having a word search on a page. Now there are so many sites with word searches as part of their puzzle selections you can afford to be choosy. Pick a site where you can customize your word search by difficulty, subject, or racing against the clock. But which site to pick?

Ah, the reviews

The first site we’ll look at is Now many of you might know this site already and let’s be honest, it’s pretty iconic. Known originally as a free site for flash games, it’s now HTML5 happy so don’t worry about Adobe any longer supporting Flash. But never mind that, lets get back to the word searches…


As you’d expect from Coolmathgames, their word searches are pretty good. There are four difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and maniac mode) and 21 themes for your puzzle – from crowd pleasers like pizza toppings and baseball teams to the more unusual Hindi and French language words.

Wordsearch pets

You can customize the game further using the Beat the Clock button, which counts down from one minute. To make things even harder you can hide the words you are supposed to be looking for. This is a bit harder if you’re looking for French words and your language skills aren’t quite ‘ooh la la’ if you know what I mean…


Well, unless you mute the puzzle, the annoying doorbell style ringing will drive you mad. Select a game *bing*, find a word *plink*, you get the idea. The colours and the graphics are a bit basic but the game isn’t impacted too much by that. In fact like much of the site, its basic style is what makes it fun to use and, lets be honest, iconic.

What else is good?

If you’re after a more intense word search experience, then you should definitely try

The clue’s in the name. This isn’t just for wasting 5 minutes, this is a site dedicated to intense and single minded word search obsessives. There are 25 categories, with each category having up to 209 subjects within them. So if you have other obsessive hobbies – maybe pop music – you can double the fun because chances are your favorites are there. Taylor Swift anyone?

The settings are pretty good. You can customize the puzzle to having only lower case letters, or change the game font. This might be handy if this is more than a hobby. Maybe you’re playing to improve your dyslexia? Well there’s an open dyslexic font to make things clearer. Changing the font color might also help stop those letters swimming past your eyes.

It sounds perfect…

True, it sounds perfect. But this site just isn’t for me. There are too many choices – too many subjects, options, fonts, colors. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’ll never be a fully fledged member of the word search gaming community.

Go on, what else is out there?

Our last comparison is 247wordsearch.con. Ok, it’s another basic site but at least – unlike – it at least has some instructions.  We all know the rules but it’s nice to be talked to – we’re not word search robots y’know.

Anyway, there appears to be really only one generic game with difficulty options. There’s the all important mute button and to be honest not much else. There are a few subject themes based around times of the year – I’m just guessing but this has to be the one of the only Cinco de Mayo game word searches out there…

Feeling the love?

So it’s basic, it does what it says and there are some limited subjects. But the main issue with this site is – if you’re filling out a Valentine’s Day word search, you need to maybe re-think your life a little.


…I’m a traditionalist at heart and word searches are a traditional game.

I just like the basic games with a few tweaks, not TOO many options, but just enough to give you a bit of a choice. Word searches have a purpose and that is to fill up a few quiet minutes while you’re waiting. Maybe you’re waiting for an appointment, or picking up your kids from soccer practice, or trying to make your brain de-stress. Too much choice takes away from the whole point of them, it turns the puzzle into something more intense and serious. Don’t be that person, enjoy the game for what it is and don’t take things too seriously.

The winner…?

For that reason Gnews is going with these word searches from Coolmathgames. It’s a classic, and I can’t help it, that site is my favourite way to lose minutes of my life. There’s not much else to due during Covid now is there…

Keeping your brain active in a Covid-19 world


Keeping your brain active in a Covid-19 world

The Covid-19 outbreak has seen an unprecedented rise in online activity. From shopping to having to socialise virtually, people across the world have been working within the quarantine restrictions of their own country but also keeping themselves active by engaging more through their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Keeping fit in lockdown

Online physical training has received a lot of publicity in the media thanks to celebrity workouts from the likes of Lucy Wyndham-Read, Joe Wicks and Chloe Ting. However, the rise of brain exercises and mental stimulation games online has grown rapidly almost unnoticed by mainstream media.

Simon Grey, the University of Hull Lecturer in Computer Science, specialising in games, graphics and physical simulation, has some interesting observations. “There is … evidence that more people are turning to games during COVID-19 lockdown. That could be a way of socialising with friends and family, or simply to pass time while we are spending more time indoors.”

There are a wide range of online brain training and mind games. One of the more interesting developments has been the rise of the humble word searches. From their beginnings in newspapers and puzzle magazines they have now become widely available online.

Word Search Games

Setting wordsearch difficulty levels adds to the challenge

Once seen as a simple learning tool, online puzzles like word searches enable the player to personalize the game to suit their mood, interests or the difficulty level. The level of personalization that this genre of games offers is a crucial part of its recent success. Tapping into people’s desire for tailored products that suit their way of life and their hobbies adds to their appeal.

With large numbers of adults across the world under a physical quarantine, some with exercise restrictions and curfews, many without gardens or access to healthy open spaces, it is natural that they seek mind challenges to maintain their mental health.

In fact, it goes further than this. An upbeat mood and sense of control over your life are key ingredients in self-confidence and quality of life, particularly when physical exercise is restricted. During the pandemic, people all over the world are facing mental stresses and pressure due to lack of socialisation, financial worries and concerns about whether they will have a job to return to when the Covid-19 restrictions lift.

Nobody, not religious leaders, politicians or wise elderly relatives, knows what life will be like in a post Covid-19 world.  That makes it more important than ever before to maintain strong mental health and keep your brain functions active. Simple but challenging puzzles like word searches can help in keeping positive, confident and resilient through this difficult time.

Word search benefits

A typical wordsearch game from

This need to challenge yourself mentally through a tool like word searches is most apparent in children and young people. Mental Health Foundation Scotland’s “Impacts of lockdown on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people” covers this. The report, published in September 2020, makes a key point. “Lockdown related school closures have been one of the most significant public health measures across the world. For children and young people…this has been the first extended closure of schools in recent history and as such, its impact on their mental health and wellbeing is important to consider”.

The interesting element of the growth in word searches since early 2020 is how it reflects the puzzle’s basic brilliance. People of all ages, all education levels and from a variety of cultures and languages can all play the game. No matter their background, they all have an equal chance of success. This is a perfect tool for those Home Schooling. They can improve their child’s vocabulary and perceptive skills without any barriers from their own educational background. Using a word search as a Home Leaning tool and brain exercise is not in the same exhausting league for a parent as tutoring a child in algebra or Shakespeare!

Restricted in how much internet access you have, or have more members of your family than devices? No problem! Online word searches like the one mentioned above, have a print function so you can turn your 21st century puzzle back into an old school paper challenge as it was originally intended.

Word search history

The first word search was devised and printed in the US by Norman E Gibat. It was published in the Selenby Digest in Norman, Oklahoma in 1968. The actual origins of the puzzle are disputed. The Spanish puzzle creator Pedro Ocon de Oro was publishing ‘Sopas de Letras’ (Letter Soup) before that date. However, it is not clear how or whether this influenced Mr Gibat. The Oklahoma puzzle proved so popular with local teachers that it became a regular learning tool in classrooms. Before long, the puzzles were being sent around the country to help fellow schools educate their pupils.

The days of posting word search puzzles across the US have long gone. The modern equivalent of posting puzzles online, has taken things to the next level. And the science seems to show that moving word searches and other learning games – such as Unolingo, Word Detector and Words Family – online actually improves information retention amongst young people in particular. Research shows that on average, students retain 25-60% more material when learning online, compared to classroom learning. Online learning is faster and more tailored to the individual student’s pace. Online learning is more attractive for young people. It’s not surprising then that using online methods for learning creates more interest in the tasks and material being learned.

Students of all ages love wordsearch games

According to BYJU’s Mrinal Mohit, “Over a period, we have observed that clever integration of games has demonstrated higher engagement and increased motivation towards learning, especially among younger students, making them truly fall in love with learning”.

If we’re trying to find anything positive to come from this terrible pandemic, perhaps this is one place we could start.


Fortnite Review – A Different Take on the Genre

Fortnite is a game pretty much known throughout the entire world, even apart from the gaming community. Ask any parents of a preteen child about Fortnite, and I can assure you they’ll know about it. Released in 2017, it has remained one of the most popular, If not the most popular game to date, reaching its peak in 2018. Over the years, it has received mixed reviews from the public, most of whom have views on far ends of the spectrum. However, in this Fortnite Review, I will try to remain absolutely unbiased. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Before we get started, please keep in mind that this is only a review of the battle royale mode of Fortnite. So, I won’t be talking about the Save the World mode.


No Fortnite Review would be complete without mentioning its gameplay.

Love it or hate it, everyone agrees that the gameplay mechanics are quite unique in Fortnite. This is not just your typical battle royale game. In this world, offence is prioritized as much as defence. Only relying on one is a magnificent way of losing every game. You not only have to stack up good weapons in your arsenal but have to become pretty skilled in building walls, floors, ramps and roofs in different situations.

That was just touching the surface! Going into a bit more detail, this is how everything works: There is a large map in which you are given many locations to land on. Once you glide your way towards one of these locations, you quickly have to find weapons and start eliminating players. As time passes, the map is narrowed down by a storm to relocate remaining players. There are 100 players in total, and whoever manages to survive in the end proves victorious.

In my opinion, the gameplay mechanics are new and refreshing, though it takes a lot of time getting used to. A lot of time and dedication is required to get good at this game that not everyone can provide. That is why you’ll often find yourself getting overpowered by 8-year-olds. So unless you’ve got some time to spare, this game probably isn’t for you.

Updates (Current state of the game)

Also an important part of any Fortnite Review, let’s talk about the updates. In my opinion, the game had reached its pinnacle in 2018, from season 4-7, season 5 being my personal favourite. Everything was perfectly balanced; you didn’t have to work extra hard, nor was everything made easy for you. This is probably why it was the most talked-about game in that year. Now, it has become way too easy in terms of completing battle-pass tiers, challenging your friends, and even winning a game! The challenging aspect has been removed, and I think this is the main reason why it has lost its attraction. Not to mention, the introduction of NPCs and bots has somewhat also ruined the experience.


This is a highly subjective aspect of this game. Either it is despised or well-received. From my point of view, the visuals are magnificent, filled with vibrant colours, not to mention attention has been paid to detail. However, they are a bit cartoonish and don’t cater to everyone’s taste.


While Fortnite is no longer the masterpiece that it used to be, the game is still a must-play battle royale. Providing you with endless hours of fun, Fortnite will definitely get you addicted.

Solitaire in 2021 – A surprisingly popular quarantine videogame

Covid-19 has changed everything

Since the inception of COVID-19 to the world, our lives have been changed immensely. Every country has been drastically hit by the novel coronavirus. These circumstances have led everyone to adopt a very strict lifestyle of quarantine and social distancing from their friends and families for more than a year now. As it is human nature to seek adventure, thrill, and fun, it has been a very tough and boring year for everyone being stuck in their homes. In these difficult times, people have turned to different gaming platforms like Twitch and Discord that let you communicate through text and voice chat to stay connected. In 2021, solitaire has perhaps not surprisingly been a popular videogame as it can be played alone!

Gaming in lockdown

With all the lockdown stuff going on, and people trying to socialize online, we have seen an increase in the trend of playing video games. Because people cannot enjoy outdoor activities anymore, they have shifted their focus to different stuff and video games has been at the forefront of this. This has made videogames become one of the most popular activities during quarantine. You will see so many people playing video games these days. Gaming platforms like Steam have seen a record-high player pool actively playing video games.

These days people are enthusiastically streaming now more than ever because there is nothing better to do. Gaming tips and strategies are also very high in demand these days as people stuck in their homes are eagerly interested in new updates and such. Not only that but there are also hundreds of online videogame tournaments that allow everyone to participate. Some of these tournament rewards are also a lot higher than the average income of a person. You can now earn money by sitting at your home playing your favourite videogame. Incentives like these are also a really big reason for the popularity of video games.

Videogames are also a great way to distract yourself from the depressing situation of COVID-19. Additionally, they allow you to connect to your loved ones while at the same time having some fun. One of the games that have witnessed an unexpected popularity surge these days is solitaire. Yes, you heard that right. In 2021 Solitaire is getting some serious attention.

Solitaire a game for one

Solitaire is a card game that has been around for quite a while. It is very simple and fairly easy to play. There are different variations of solitaire like Klondike, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, and many, many others. Each variation of solitaire has different rules but you can quickly learn them. Because of the accessibility and ease of playing at your own pace, along with an ability to ‘try again’ that just isn’t possible with a deck of cards, the online versions are more popular than real solitaire.

Each typical game of solitaire lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes, so you are always ready to get back into more action after you are done. You have a simple goal that is to arrange cards in an orderly fashion from Ace to King. You can also adjust the difficulty level according to yourself by adding more decks of cards. The popularity surge of solitaire in 2021 is perhaps one the best thing to happen lately. If you have not played any solitaire game yet, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Some of the places you can play free games are Coolmath Games (Solitaire – Play it now at, World of Solitaire (World of Solitaire) or Solitaire King (Solitaire King | Free Solitaire Games). Why not give them a try?

Detroit: Become Human Review – Friends or Foes?

“Artificial Intelligence”; a term that has baffled us for quite a while now. Many people talk about its rise like a major event meant to happen in the future. However, the truth is, it’s happening right now, in front of us. The only difference is how much it’ll take over our lives in the not so distant future. The real question is, when it does, will it be dangerous? And if it is, will we be able to control it?

Well, this game exactly takes that into perspective. Released in 2018, it takes this exact theoretical possibility into account. In this Detroit: Become Human review, I will analyze how well this idea was executed, as well as talk about its other aspects, like gameplay and visuals.

GameplayDetroit: Become Human Gameplay

With almost 4 years of development backing it up, you can rest assured knowing that the gameplay is absolutely AMAZING. Detroit: Become Human is a game played from a 3rd person perspective. The true beauty of this game lies in the choices you make and how those choices will affect the events later on. This is a game in which there are no “checkpoints” or “retries”, which means that once you die, it is quite literally GAME OVER. With this, almost every moment in this game is critical and tensed, with the outcome depending on you. Apart from the choices in dialogues, there are other awesome moments to experience, like savage battle sequences and perilous chase scenes. Moreover, the movements are pretty fluid. The gameplay, good as it may be, can feel very slow at times, and sometimes the dialogues are stretched more than necessary.

This concludes the gameplay aspect of my Detroit: Become Human review.

Story & CharactersDetroit: Become Human gameplay

Moving on, I’d be doing a disservice to this Detroit: Become Human review if I didn’t mention its story. Though some gamers might not enjoy the gameplay mechanics, the story is almost undisputedly compelling and well-written. You can control 3 characters in this game, Connor, Kara and Markus; each of them having their own objective. Connor is chosen to investigate the cause of the deviancy among androids. Markus is chosen to lead the liberation of androids. Kara’s story, on the other hand, is a bit more wholesome and subtle; that is, freeing a little girl named Alive from her abusive father and making the journey towards Canada in attempts to give her a better life. How each story follows is up to you, with each possibility being perfectly crafted and well-written.

VisualsDetroit: Become Human Visuals

The visuals in this game are no joke. It almost feels like real life, but with a touch of vibrant colours (and sometimes dark and gloomy depending on the setting). The graphics are as realistic as a 2018 game could get, and the details are surreal.


Now, Of course, this game isn’t meant for everyone. To people who are more into action and RPGs, this would feel a bit boring. Though, if you’re into choice-based games and love a good story, this is a perfect choice.

With this, I conclude my Detroit: Become Human Review.

God of War Review – A TALE OF REDEMPTION

God of War”, a title very few people wouldn’t be able to recognize if mentioned in the gaming community. Released 5 years after its predecessor from 2013, it has remained one of the most hyped-up games in the universe of gaming and has rightfully earned its title as the Game of the year in 2018. Today, we’re going to be analyzing this highly successful game and all the aspects of it that makes it such a masterpiece! This game is a PlayStation exclusive, just like Spider-Man Miles Morales. So, sadly, not every gamer will be able to experience the fast-paced action and stunning visuals. Now, let’s get started with this God of War review without any further delay!


This God of War review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the mind-blowing gameplay mechanics! The gameplay mechanics have drastically changed following its predecessors. The gamers who are accustomed to the square-square-triangle combo will find the changes a bit strange. though once you get used to it, it can be an extremely rewarding experience. You can feel each hit, each slash, and each punch in battle! When you’re done beating the pulp out of your opponent, you can end it with an awesome finisher. While it is an action game at its core, God of War has various other aspects in its gameplay. There are many puzzles in this RPG that force you to use your wits. Moreover, it is a semi open-world game that allows you to explore the Norse world if you want to relax from time to time. As perfect as it may be, there are some downsides too; one of them being boss fights. Apart from a few unique ones, most of them are repetitive and can get extremely annoying for some people. Though, in the end, the overall experience is worth it.

Story & Characters

After the complete annihilation of the Greek pantheon and the Greek world, Kratos, the main character moves on to the Norse world. He does this to start a more peaceful life with his family. The game starts with the burning of the corpse of Kratos’ wife, Faye. This marks the first step of the journey with his son, Atreus, to spread her ashes from the summit of the highest mountain in all of the Norse realms. It is a seemingly simple story on the outside, but the true art lies in the relationship between Kratos and his son. Kratos tries to become a good father to maybe redeem himself for the monstrosities he has committed in the past. You also get to learn about Norse mythology along the way too!


Considering it took about 5 years for a new sequel to come, the graphics and visuals are absolutely STUNNING. It beautifully portrays the Norse world and keeps you in awe throughout the whole game.


With an amazing story, stunning graphics and incredible gameplay, I think it truly did deserve the Game of the Year award. God of War is a nearly-perfect game that just falls behind because of its repetitive gameplay.

With this, I conclude my God of War review.

Smite Review A Mythological MOBA Game!

Smite: Battleground of the Gods is a “different” type of MOBA game that was released back in 2014. This game is completely free-to-play, and the developers of this masterwork are the same people who are responsible for another brilliant free-to-play title, Paladins. This game has managed to remain relevant for many years now, thanks to the constant updates by the developers. Today, in my Smite review, we are going to take a closer look at all the different aspects of this game that make it stand out in the competitive genre of MOBA games.

Gameplay:Smite Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is simple and brilliant at the same time! Smite plays out just like any other popular MOBA title. However, there is just a small twist. Instead of a bird’s-eye view, Smite lets you enjoy the gameplay with a third-person perspective. You are able to control your character just like an RPG title. This means that unlike other MOBA titles, you don’t just need strategic skills in order to become a good player in this game. You will also need to get good at attacking and defending as fast as possible.

All the characters in Smite are pretty balanced, so you can easily choose your favourite character for all your battles. The best thing about the characters in Smite is that they level up as you keep on playing.

Characters:Smite characters

As I mentioned in the title of this Smite review, the characters are based on Greek mythology. All of the characters have been implemented into the game in a very exciting and fun way. The developers at Hi-Rez Studios have tried their best to closely follow the Greek Mythology whilst also giving every character their own unique spin. I already explained how these characters are perfect from a gameplay perspective as well. So, the characters in this game are perfect, and new ones get added into the game constantly.

Visuals:Smite visuals

Yes, the visuals of this game are not very impressive, but they have still aged pretty nicely. The visuals of Smite have a cartoonish look that seems timeless. This game is able to captivate everyone with its well-designed characters. The UI of the game used to look pretty outdated, but the developers have improved it with time. One thing that I really like regarding the visuals of this game is the fact that the simple visuals of Smite allow it to run on every low-end PC.


Smite is the perfect game for someone who is new to the genre of MOBA games. Like I mentioned at the start of my Smite review, this game adds a twist to the genre to stand out in the crowd. Smite is completely free-to-play! Hence, I believe that every fan of the MOBA genre should give it a shot. Sadly, the player-base of this game is quite small compared to some other MOBA titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends. This means that you might find the matchmaking process a little annoying.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Review – An Amazing PS5 Launch Title!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales is a new exclusive for the PlayStation console. It is a direct sequel to the previous Spider-Man game from 2018. This PlayStation exclusive got a lot of hype from the gaming community when it got its first announcement. Now, Spider-Man Miles Morales has finally been released, and it is being enjoyed by every other PlayStation gamer. In my Spider-Man Miles Morales review, I am going to break down all the different aspects of this game that make it an exciting addition to the series.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Gameplay:Spider-Man Miles Morales Gameplay

While most gamers are happy with the gameplay mechanics of this new title, personally, I am not quite satisfied. Don’t get me wrong! I believe that the gameplay of Spider-Man Miles Morales is brilliant, but it does not bring anything new to the table. Everything in this game feels quite similar to the previous Spider-Man game. While the game has tried to give Miles his own style by giving him some unique abilities, overall, he fights just like the other Spider-Man.

Another thing that I hate regarding this game is its open-world design from a gameplay perspective. Your interactions with all the people on the streets of New York are quite dull and short-lived. All the side-quests in the game also seem quite boring and forgettable.

Story & Characters:Spider-Man Miles Morales story

What Spider-Man Miles Morales lacks in terms of gameplay, it makes up for with its amazing cast of characters and brilliantly written story. The story of this game is its number one highlight! As you might’ve already guessed from the title of this game, the protagonist is a young man named Miles Morales, who is the new and immature Spider-Man. Over the course of this game, we see how Miles develops into a more dependable and mature character because of all the responsibilities on his shoulders.

While the characters in this game are quite interesting, the game should have implemented them in a better way. All the characters are quite memorable and relatable, and they all add something new to the story.

Visuals:Spider-Man Miles Morales visuals

At first, I thought that visuals were going to be the main highlight of the game and my Spider-Man Miles Morales review. However, sadly, that is not the case. Yes, the visuals do look amazing on the PlayStation 5 consoles because of the new raytracing technology, but they don’t fully represent the capabilities of the next-gen consoles. Visually, remove the raytracing, and this game looks exactly like the previous Spider-Man title.


After reading my Spider-Man Miles Morales review, some of you might get the idea that I have a very negative outlook regarding this game. However, that is definitely not the case! I believe that Insomniac Games has done an amazing job with this game, and it is a must-play title. Despite that fact, this game does not seem as polished as some of the other PlayStation exclusive titles.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review – THE BEST ASSASSIN’S CREED?

assassin's creed valhalla reviewAssassin’s Creed is a long-running series that has managed to create a huge fan-following for itself. This game series has evolved over the course of many years with the addition of every new title. Just a few days ago, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was released as the latest game in the franchise. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the most hyped up games of 2020, and fans are currently enjoying it all around the globe.

However, does Assassin’s Creed Valhalla deserve all the love that it is currently getting?

Let’s take a closer look at all of the different aspects of this game and find out the truth!

Gameplay:assassin's creed valhalla gameplay

The gameplay mechanics of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are probably not its strongest aspect. If you are someone who has played the previous 2 Assassin’s Creed games, then you will quickly realize that not much has changed in terms of gameplay. This isn’t really a bad thing, but I think that Ubisoft should have paid more attention to the stealth side of things. While Ubisoft advertised that stealth is back in the game, and it really is back in the game, it is not something that Ubisoft should be proud of. The stealth mechanics are very bad considering the fact that this is an Assassin’s Creed game.

I’m glad that combat is just as fun as it used to be in the previous Assassin’s Creed games. The combat mechanics are a little similar, but we can clearly see all the refinements that Ubisoft has worked on.

Overall, if you liked the previous 2 Assassin’s Creed games that focused heavily on the combat side of things, then you will absolutely love Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Visuals & World Design:assassin's creed valhalla visuals

Visuals are something that Assassin’s Creed games are famous for! This latest title in the series is just as visually appealing as every other Assassin’s Creed game. The new world of the Vikings has been built with intense care and attention to detail. There are tons of amazing places to explore, and the graphics of the game totally do them justice. Ubisoft has definitely provided us with a next-gen experience in terms of visuals. Oh, and the character models don’t look as bad as the ones from the other next-gen Ubisoft game.


The plot of this game follows the story of Eivor, a young warrior who is trying to get revenge for the murder of his/her family. Of course, just like the previous Assassin’s Creed games, you are able to choose your gender freely. As Eivor, the player must face different kinds of dangers in the harsh Viking world. The present-day story of Layla Hassan will also continue in this sequel.


I personally believe that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla definitely does not deserve all the hype that it is currently getting from the fans. Ubisoft should have tried to give us something different and unique by adding new and exciting features. However, for the most part, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla very closely resembles the last two games.

Also, the game seems quite incomplete in its current state because of all the different glitches that can ruin your experience. I do realise that this problem can be solved by a small update in the future, but Ubisoft should have better-refined its game before releasing it.

Life is Strange Review – A Game That WILL Make You Cry!

Life is Strange is an episodic adventure game that was released back in 2015. As you might’ve already guessed from the title of this post, Life is Strange is a very emotional and heart-touching title. This game has been released on almost all the major gaming platforms, so it can be enjoyed by every type of gamer quite easily. Today, we are going to take a closer look at all the aspects of this game that make it one of the most successful games in the entire world. I will try to keep my Life is Strange review as spoiler-free as possible, but newcomers should still proceed with caution!

Gameplaylife is strange review gameplay

The gameplay mechanics of Life is Strange are quite unique and interesting. In this third-person game, we are able to control time itself! Life is Strange is a slow-paced game in which the player has to solve some relatively easy puzzles and make some pretty harsh decisions in order to progress in the story.

This role-playing game gives us a very realistic and in-depth experience as we have to interact with the lively and interesting world around us. Max’s time controlling ability gives us a lot of room for experimentation.

Story & CharactersLife is Strange review story & characters

The plot of this game follows the story of a young girl named Max Caulfield, who has suddenly discovered a very strange ability. This girl is able to go back in time! The story plays out in a very dramatic and emotional manner, and we have to make our own choices in the game. Our choices decide the ultimate outcome of the game. In my personal opinion, while it did start off great, the story of Life is Strange started to deteriorate after the 3rd episode. The last two episodes and the ending itself were pretty rushed!

Life is Strange introduces us to some of the most well-written characters in the world of gaming! All of these characters can be quite relatable for us because of the problems in their life. The characters in this game mature as the story progresses.

VisualsLife is Strange review visuals

My Life is Strange review can never be complete without a mention of the breathtaking visuals. The visuals of this game are absolutely perfect considering its old age. Life is Strange tries to portray a very colourful yet realistic world with its unique art style. The world of this game has been designed brilliantly by Square Enix as every detail has been taken into account.


While the game does have its noticeable flaws with a somewhat rushed story and a bad ending, Life is Strange is still a must-play game for every single gamer. As you can already guess from my Life is Strange review, this is a game that will truly touch your heart with its beautiful theme and interactive style of gameplay. This game will get you invested from the very first episode, and you won’t be able to stop until you have ended the story.

I would recommend that every fan of this game should check out the prequel titled “Life is Strange: Before the Storm” in order to get more attached with all the different characters.