Tekken 7 Review – The Epitome of Fighting Games

Tekken 7 Review – The Epitome of Fighting Games

Tekken 7, a game that at least 5 out of 20 people would be able to recognize if you brought it up in a conversation. With its very first predecessor being released back in 1994, with over 6 million copies sold as of September 2020, and with all the worldwide tournaments being held, it’s surprising to find someone who doesn’t know it? Along with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, it has dominated the arcade gaming scene for over 2 decades. With the release of Tekken 7, it has made people realize once again why it has remained successful. Without further ado, I will now start my Tekken 7 Review.

Gameplay:tekken 7 review gameplay

Talking about the gameplay is an integral part of this Tekken 7 Review; therefore, I shall touch on this aspect first.

Enormous changes have been made since the advent of Tekken 6. With new characters such as Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, Lars Alexanderson, Claudio etc. new game mechanics such as rage art, power crush and screw hits, and an extremely engaging story, it clears up just how much the new installment has to offer! The game has been so wonderfully created that even with the new changes, the feel of playing Tekken still remains. There is still an arcade mode, the button combinations of some characters still remain the same, and no new change is felt in the overall style of the game. Just like in the previous versions, with each button press, you can feel the impact. With each combo you perform, you can observe the brutality with your own eyes.

However, most things can be only close to perfection, not actually reach it. This game is no exception. Even though the gameplay mechanics are designed to maximize the fun, it can get very repetitive if you keep on playing it for a while. Moreover, at first, you had to play to unlock characters, now you have to pay for them. This in my opinion, is a huge turn off for many people as well. Though, seeing how rest of the game is well-balanced, these flaws can easily be overlooked.

Story:tekken 7 review story

Although the gameplay might not fit everyone’s taste, most people would certainly agree that the story is a masterpiece. To explain this elegant plot in this simple post would be a disservice. however, I’ll try to summarize it. The story is mainly based around the Mishima family, especially focused on the rivalry between Heihachi and his company, Mishima Zaibatsu, and his son, Kazuya Mishima and his company, G Corporation. Though, the hatred between the father and son isn’t due to the different companies, instead, it follows from Kazuya’s early childhood. The story is told from a 3rd person narrative as a reporter tries to unravel the true tale.

Visuals:tekken 7 review visuals

Being the 7th instalment of the series, I think it’s pretty obvious that visuals have improved drastically, considering it’s a relatively new game. The details in the backgrounds are breathtaking and the characters almost look real. Furthermore, the movements of the characters also feel smooth and natural. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong in this aspect of the game.


Considering its commercial success, we can easily realize just how good Tekken 7 is. I highly recommend anyone to check this game out and find out if it’s good by themselves.

With this, I complete my Tekken 7 Review.

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