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Far Cry 6 Review – The Most Expansive Far Cry Title

Far Cry 6 has been out for about a month now, and it has been receiving somewhat positive reviews from the community. The game introduces us to a few new interesting mechanics while still retaining the original feel of the series. Today, in my Far Cry 6 review, I’ll be touching on all the things that you need to know before you purchase this awesome instalment of the series.

Plot and Story Progression far cry 6 screenshot

Just like every other Far Cry game we’ve played in the past, the plot of this game is pretty intense, unique and interesting. This time, we play as a male or female protagonist named Dani Rojas on a fictional island called Yara. Yara is currently being controlled by a cruel and charismatic leader named Anton Castillo, the main antagonist of the game. We are a part of the resistance that lives to fight against this evil man and his regime in order to free the people of Yara.

The story progression of Far Cry 6 is, surprisingly, a little bland and somewhat predictable. Despite having a pretty solid premise, the story moves forward in a cliché movie-like manner. I think the writers should have added a few extra twists and turns in the story to make it more interesting.

Charactersfar cry 6 screenshot

The Characters of Far Cry 6 are some of my favourite Far Cry characters of all time. What makes this new cast of memorable characters so good are the amazing actors behind them that make every single scene feel like it has been taken straight out of a high-budget movie. Ubisoft found the actors that were most fitting to play their particular roles in this story. I think that they have done their job splendidly!

My favourite character in the series would, of course, be the psychotic leader of Yara that always keeps us at the edges of our seats. Anton Castillo has been played by Giancarlo Esposito, who is one of the most loved actors in the entire world thanks to his ground-breaking performance in Breaking Bad. He is a ruthless leader that rules Yara with an iron fist and knows how to control all the people around him.

GameplayFar Cry 6 Screenshot

The gameplay of Far Cry 6 is pretty similar to the older Far Cry titles, but it changes things up slightly by adding a bit more of an arcadey feel to the game. There are many different weapons to choose from, and like always, you can complete all the missions in front of you in multiple ways. Overall, I really enjoyed the new gameplay mechanics and improvements of this game that made it feel like a new experience while also preserving everything that makes Far Cry awesome in the first place.

Instead of the usual RPG-like levelling-up system that we’ve seen in the previous Far Cry games, we get stronger in Far Cry 6 by unlocking new abilities and equipping better weapons. There are many different weapons and abilities that the player can unlock in this game, and what I really love about this aspect of the game is that you can complete certain types of missions more easily by using some particular weapons and equipment. This means that you will now have to strategize before starting a new mission.

World Design

As the title of this Far Cry 6 review itself states, the world of Far Cry 6 is the most expansive Far Cry world ever. There are tons of things to do in this game and many new things that you’ll have to explore. Personally, I liked and disliked this change in the game at the same time. While new and complex mechanics are always welcome in a semi-realistic game like Far Cry, there are just too many new features in this instalment that can seem pretty confusing and time-consuming at times.

Of course, the broad world of this game can also make it your favourite Far Cry game if you like to put in the hours and play a videogame like it’s meant to be played.


The Visuals of Far Cry games have always been ahead of their time, and that seems to be the case with this latest instalment as well. Far Cry 6 is the best looking Far Cry game so far, and its 3rd person cinematic cutscenes really elevate the awesome story. All the characters look very realistic, and the lip-syncing is on a completely different level.

Conclusionfar cry 6 screenshot

Far Cry 6 isn’t the perfect addition to the Far Cry franchise, but it is still pretty amazing and deserves all the praise that it gets. This game is way more in-depth compared to all the previous entries, and its characters are just breathtaking. I’d like to end my Far Cry 6 review by stating that you should go play this game as soon as possible!

Get The Most Out Of Red Dead Redemption 2’s Poker Scene


We’ve reached a point at which Rockstar’s games are basically beyond reproach. And while we’ve pointed to GTA: SAN ANDREAS as the best of the bunch in a piece on the ‘5 Best Ever PlayStation Games’, the argument can be made at this point that RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 has set a new bar for the company.

RDR2 is a universally beloved game that has earned one glowing review after another for years now. It will surely go down as one of the best video games of the last decade, and really of the 21st century so far. One specific reason for its acclaim is the sheer breadth of activity it provides. The Gamer wrote up a handy list of just how many things there are to do in RDR2, from hunting and fishing, to robbing banks, to trimming your beard or playing a guitar around a campfire. All of these things occur (or an occur at least) within the flow of the game, and provide an incredibly complete, “second-life” sort of immersion.

Alongside the core activities though, RDR2 also thrives on side quests and mini-games. And among those mini-games, one that’s generated significant attention online is poker. RDR2 is not the first game into which Rockstar has injected a healthy dose of poker. But it may have the most extensive in-game poker scene we’ve seen, which is why we want to take some time to tell you how to get the most out of it if and when you dive into this marvel of a video game.

Know Where to Play

The first step toward enjoying the poker scene in RDR2 is, naturally, finding it. This won’t be too tricky at first, because there’s actually a mission in the game (“Who Is Not Without Sin”) that involves poker at the in-game location Flatneck Station. Once you’re through that mission, you’ll be able to play at Flatneck. Thereafter however, you can also find and participate in poker games at additional locations known as Blackwater, Tumbleweed, Valentine, and St. Denis.

Know Your Terms

RDR2’s poker games aren’t too complex, but you’ll still enjoy them more if you go in with an understanding of some basic terms. A glossary on poker terms by makes it easy enough to review these until you know the language, so to speak — clearing you up on phrases like “small blind,” “big blind,” “flop,” “community cards,” and a few others you’ll encounter in RDR2 poker games. Rest assured, this is not an assignment for in-depth studying. But nailing down a handful of terms will make the games come more naturally.

Know the Rules to Hold’em

You’ll need to know the rules to Texas Hold’em as well, given that this is the variety of poker favored in RDR2. The good news is the basic rules are about as easy to learn as those simple terms! In Texas Hold’em, each player is dealt two cards. Then, three community cards are dealt (comprising the “flop”). Eventually fourth and then fifth community cards are added, and each player composes the best possible hand from his or her two personal cards and the ones everyone can use. In between these steps, players have the opportunity to place or match bets, or to “fold” and sit out until the next hand.

Mind Your Cash

This is just a quick point, but do remember as you get into the RDR2 poker scene that your cash counts! It’s not worth anything in the real world, to be clear. But within your RDR2 adventure, the money you play poker with is the same money you may depend on to make purchases for your character. So be mindful that your gains or losses have some impact on the rest of the game.

Know Your Online Options

Lastly, bear in mind that you can play poker with other gamers though RDR Online as well. You don’t have to, to be perfectly clear. The average table you sit at in RDR2 involves randomized games against AI characters. However, there is live competition through RDR Online. A write-up on explains that you have the option of joining a public game with strangers or setting up a private online game with opponents of your choosing. So really, you can make online poker through RDR2 whatever you like!

We hope this guide will help you to get the most out of one of the most enjoyable mini-games we’ve seen in quite some time!


Chess history hints and tips across the web

Chess has been around for a long time and as a result has in some quarters garnered a reputation for being a bit of a ‘crusty’ and old fashioned game. Nothing could be further from the truth! Chess has a rich history and with the right guidance and a few hints and tips, it can be a challenge for people of all skill levels and interesting too. In this brief article we have done a quick search across the web to find a few ‘off the beaten track’ articles that you might find interesting and helpful. See what you think.

A Brief History of Chess

Top 5 benefits of playing chess

Top 5 Reasons Why Chess is Better Than Any Other Board Game

Top 5 Best Chess Players

A beginner’s guide to chess

Top 5 Best Chess Openings

What are gambits in chess?

Tips to get better at chess

How to play offensively in Chess?


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review

The Game of the Year Award’s winner, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a third-person, RPG action-adventure. It follows in footsteps of the successful Souls series developed by FromSoftware. The Souls series has evolved over the course of many years and gained a massive fan-following and numerous awards. Sekiro, released in 2019, not only retains the original hallmark features of the Souls series, but it also provides a much better gameplay that you will truly come to appreciate as a videogame masterpiece. So, if you are a diehard fan of Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls trilogy, you are going to be all hyped up after reading this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review.

GameplaySekiro: Shadow's Die Twice Gameplay

Where do I even begin?

Building on the same shinobi-action gameplay of its past series, this action-adventure game features an intricate combat system. The game mechanics are just as hard to master as the Dark Souls series but fairly enjoyable and rewarding for those that want to learn it.

The gameplay is primarily focused on a fast-paced skillful combat system that requires concentration to the fullest. You will be punished for making the slightest mistakes, and may find yourself stuck on levels for hours. Unlike Dark Souls, Sekiro has a feature to resurrect yourself, giving you an edge in some fights that you are close to winning. However, it is more of a double-edged sword because if you die after resurrection, a sickness is spread throughout the world meaning you must be careful about choosing resurrection or death.

Your character’s upgradable prosthetic arm acts as part gadget kit, part grappling hook and part weapon which proves useful in both combat and exploration of Sekiro’s mythical world. The game also introduces all-new stealth features that let you execute enemies in a split-second or escape dangerous situations. Your progress truly depends on your mastery of swordsmanship and understanding the many rhythms and patterns of bosses. There are also multiple paths for you to choose in Sekiro. As there is no fixed place for you to travel to advance the game’s progress, you will have to explore the world and the game will progress differently. You will cut down different kinds of enemies with your katana throughout your journey and end up with one out of the four beautiful endings.

All in all, Sekiro’s new features blended with Dark Souls’ old features will provide you an exciting experience. There is an excellent learning curve if you are planning on mastering the game. You will come to truly appreciate the fluidity of the katana battles once you hone your skills to the fullest.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is set in the 16th century Sengoku period of Japan in the land of Ashina. We follow the story of a man named Wolf, who is a full-fledged assassin and the appointed bodyguard for a royal child named Kuro.

The child is kidnapped by a warlord who wants to seize control of Ashina. Wolf loses one of his arms and gets it replaced by a prosthetic one. Then starts the journey of Sekiro ‘the one-armed wolf’ through ancient Japan in an effort to seek vengeance against his enemies and to rescue his lord.

The story is pretty diverse, interesting, and straightforward. There are also a lot of mysteries left for the player to explore. There are not so many characters, but each one has an indulging story. Even the bosses have pretty insightful lore which is another nice aspect to it. You can learn more about Sekiro’s world by reading different item descriptions, talking to the NPCs, and hunting down artefacts


The game’s visuals and overall aesthetic are just as superb as its combat and narrative story. Sekiro provides stunning visuals of 16th century Japan, beautifully portraying its traditional castles and temples, and detailed characters. You will often find yourself exploring Sekiro’s exceptional landscapes in rhythm with the music.


While I did mention a lot of stuff from Dark Souls Trilogy in this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Review, this is not to say that the game is not enjoyable for completely new players. In fact, it might be quite the opposite. The fresh new experience of Sekiro’s katana fights, interesting Japanese mythology lore, and the gorgeous visuals from Sengoku period make Sekiro a worthy game that is enjoyable for all kind of players, and it rightfully deserves the Game of the Year Award.

Persona 5 Review – A CLASSIC Role-Playing Game

Persona 5 is a role-playing video game that was released not too long ago in 2017. It is part of the popular Persona series which is further part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise. The franchise has been fairly successful to this date, having released a large number of well-received games and their spin-offs. Persona 5 has been so popular that it already has two spin-off series as well as manga and anime adaptations! SEGA owns the entire Persona 5 franchise. In this Persona 5 review, I will talk about why so many people consider this game to be the best role-playing game of all time.

 Gameplaypersona 5 gameplay

In Persona 5, you play as a high schooler. Your character’s lifestyle depends on whether it is currently day or night in the world. During the daytime, you can take part in different school activities that come with their own benefits, a number of part-time jobs and other leisure activities that you can pursue. All such activities help your character improve certain attributes that give you special buffs during battles. You can also develop friendships and all kind of relationships with other characters known as Confidants. It is very similar to the Similar Link feature in Persona 3 and Persona 4. You can interact with these characters in different ways to create better relationships with them and improve your social stats.

The dimension, known as metaverse, has areas called Palaces. Palaces hold all kinds of negative and despicable thoughts and desires of all corrupted people. Throughout this alternate dimension, everything from the real world is in some way distorted. Just as the theme of Persona 5 is dungeon crawling, these areas have different kinds of monsters that you must defeat.

During the night-time, you are part of a party called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. The party consists of many interesting members. The purpose of this party is to steal treasures from each Palace. When a treasure is stolen, it has its real-world implication, such as the person confessing to his crime. Your party deals with very gruesome themes of everyone who has dark and wicked subconscious desires.

There are also turn-based battles present in the game where you and your party take turns to inflict damage on the enemy. Each party member also has a ‘Persona’ of their own that refines their skills. You will find yourself analysing the weaknesses of all the different enemies throughout the fast-paced battles. Overall, the game feels very entertaining, given you always have some tasks to do. Each job you perform has an outcome that will leave a meaningful impact on the game.

Story and Characters

Being a role-playing game, of course, this Persona 5 review can never be complete without a mention of the plot itself. In this role-playing videogame, you take on the role of a male high school student nicknamed Joker. He gets expelled from his previous high school being charged with assaulting a woman and gets put on probation for a year. After this incident, he is sent off to the Shujin Academy in Tokyo.

The main story revolves around a bunch of high-school students that utilize the manifestations of their psyche called Personas. Joker is the leader of a party formed by these high-school students that call themselves ‘Phantom Thieves.’ They change and influence the real world through the alternate dimension called Metaverse. In this alternate dimension, this party steals the corruption from the hearts of people in the hopes of reforming society.

The plot is solid and fantastical. The story presents itself in a pretty straightforward way and progresses linearly in an orderly fashion.


Persona 5 has gorgeous visuals. The whole game environment feels like a super polished anime. The game also has a really beautiful soundtrack that helps tie everything together to give you a special experience. You can clearly tell that the developers of this game have paid true attention to detail.


Persona 5 really lives up to the title of the best role-playing game ever made. Like I discussed in this Persona 5 review, the game features a unique life simulation consisting of two worlds. Throughout the game, you are developing your character in different ways and partaking in numerous activities that you have to prioritize. Persona 5 is compelling and entertaining, and completely worthy of the praise it has gotten.

Horizon Zero Dawn Review – A Pre-Historic Post-Apocalyptic Videogame!

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world, story-based action role-playing videogame. It was released by Guerilla Games in 2017 for PlayStation exclusively, but that changed with its recent Windows release in 2020. The PC version also comes with the Frozen Wilds DLC that provides extra content. It borrows a lot of aspects from other games, but this does not make it boring. Horizon Zero Dawn has been acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. Because of its refreshing gameplay and amazing plot, the game is super popular to this date. And in this Horizon Zero Dawn review, we will discover the true beauty of this game together.

Storyhorizon zero dawn story

Story is perhaps the best aspect of Horizon Zero Dawn. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is ruled by machines. The world was destroyed by an unknown event that no one knows about. Slowly, clans, societies, tribes, and kingdoms start to arise, forming an interesting lore for you to enjoy.

The story follows Aloy, whom you play as. She is a member of the Nova tribe that gets attacked for an unclear reason. Thus starts her journey to find more about the attacks, and to better understand humanity’s origins.

The story is very dense and provides a lot of mysteries for you to solve till the end. Each character also has a solid background that makes you care for them deeply.


The gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn is very satisfying. You fight against 26 distinct animal-like machines. You use two of your weapons – either a spear to get in close range, or a bow that shoots off projectiles – to destroy them. Each machine is different, so you’ll have to spend some time learning about each one and understand their weak points. All of them have different weak points that you must recognize as hitting different points will result in different outcomes for a battle. The best thing is there is no tutorial for any of the beasts, so you spend time learning about them in your own time. As you learn, it improves your survival chance and the ability to hunt them down.

You also have other weapons like the tripcaster, sling, or a rope gun. Your weapons can hold different special attributes that let you deal with different situations. Throughout the game, you will be able to upgrade your weaponry by purchasing from merchants.

Enemy designs are very unique, thus giving you a new experience each time. Each machine has a different fighting style so you must learn patterns and how to avoid their attacks. Overall, the combat feels versatile and does a very good job at providing you with a challenging and thrilling experience.


Horizon Zero Dawn has beautiful graphics that will leave you in awe. The game features a well-designed post-apocalyptic world with great attention to detail. Accompanied by the soothing soundtrack and rhythmic music, it truly feels like an otherworldly experience to play in Horizon Zero Dawn’s world.


Conclusively, the game is worthy of all the praise it has gotten. It offers an amazing narrative story, a really intricate gameplay with a lot of complexities, and one of the most stunning graphics ever in videogames. The game does not feel lacking anywhere which just shows how much work the developers put into it. Additionally, there is a Frozen Wilds DLC that unlocks special content for you to enjoy. Horizon Zero Dawn is a must-play for everyone.

Ghostrunner Review – A Mesmerizing Cyberpunk Experience

Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk action game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is a blend of Doom, Titanfall, and Dishonored with the perfect visuals and aesthetics that give you an immersive experience of the cyberpunk city. With its pleasant and immersive cyberpunk feel, this FPP slasher fantasy game stands out against its competitors. Although the developers One More Level and Slipgate6 are not big names in the videogame industry, Ghostrunner’s popularity soared quickly after its launch in October 2020, making it one of the most popular games set in dystopian times. So, without further ado, I shall talk about everything you need to know before playing the game in this Ghostrunner review.

Gameplay:ghostrunner gameplay

The gameplay mechanics of Ghostrunner is one of its many strong suits. The player controls a deadly swordsman wielding a katana who is also a bio-engineered human of sorts.

The game progresses through many levels. You travel through dangerous environments, jump around, run on walls, and kill your enemies strategically and skillfully. You acquire numerous abilities later on, which helps to balance the power dynamic between you and the bosses.

The levels are constructed in a puzzle-like manner with a variety of enemies that kill you differently. The challenges are pretty rough and punishing at times, and you will find yourself dying a lot. Enemies can kill you in 1 hit, so you have to be wary about your movements. However, you respawn instantly at a nearby checkpoint, allowing you to instantly get back into those fights.

Ghostrunner requires a lot of practice, skill, and determination. It is, however, a super addictive game.


Ghostrunner’s weakest part is its story which takes place in the city Dharma Tower, which safekeeps humanity – or whatever’s left of it after a cataclysmic event called ‘The Burst’.

At the start, the Ghostrunner finds himself thrown out of a building by an evil ruler named Mara. Having no recollection of what happened in his life, the swordsman starts hearing voices in his head; from an entity called ‘The Architect’ who serves as his guide.

He soon finds himself on a journey to defeat Mara whom he faces after battling a number of enemies and technologically advanced super-soldiers. Mara finally gets defeated after a pretty intense fight. However, there is a twist! The Architect is exposed to be the creator and ruler of the Dharma Tower who wishes to control all humanity, making him worse than Mara. With that said, the ghostrunner destroys the Architect – thus freeing humanity.

While writing this Ghostrunner review, I realized that the story does get somewhat predictable, and the ending is not that great either. If you are smart enough, you will sense the ‘plot twist’ from miles away.


Ghostrunner provides breathtaking visuals with a hands-on immersive cyberpunk atmosphere that just pulls you deep into its world. Its neon signs, weird architecture, gloomy lighting and, grim ambient music, and intense beats, all make it so successfully robust.


The game is super well-crafted with a lot of attention to detail and soundtracks that boost your adrenaline. Not only that, Ghostrunner provides challenging gameplay that can be frustrating sometimes, but it is handsomely rewarding once you understand the mechanics. Though, it is pretty short. The only real downside is its mundane plot which I discussed in this Ghostrunner review.

Devil May Cry 5 Review – The devil hunter is back

Devil May Cry 5 is the fifth instalment of the long-running Devil May Cry series that is developed by Capcom. It was released in 2019 and features the same action-adventure gameplay like the rest of the games. The game sold more than 2 million copies under 2 weeks and surpassed 3 million sales soon after, making it the best-selling game of the franchise. Devil May Cry 5’s brilliant and imaginative design makes it worthy of all the praise it gets. It follows the same devil hunter protagonist Dante who is back once again after demons invaded the Earth. The game also introduces some new characters and unique skills to improve your experience. In this Devil May Cry 5 Review, I will talk about the overall new features and what makes this newest title so exciting for its fans across the globe.

GameplayDevil may cry 5 gameplay

The game features the same two main characters Dante and Nero from the previous series. Additionally, there is a new character V whom you will be able to control. Each character has a unique combat style, but you can discover your own approach. Devil May Cry 5’s gameplay is still very similar to its predecessors in the sense that all of them feature a fast-paced action combat. You will be fighting numerous monsters and demons throughout the game equipped with unique skills and weapons. Based on your fighting style, you will also be tagged with a ‘style rating’ that is based on factors such as your move variety, your average combo length and how successfully you dodge attacks.

If you have played the previous games, you will remember Nero as the wielder of Red Queen for melee combat, and his double-barreled revolver, Blue Rose. Instead of his demonic arm, he is equipped with new robotic arms called Devil Breakers that allows you to perform series of actions. You will find Devil Breakers throughout stages; however, there is one catch. If you use a Devil Breaker incorrectly, it will shatter.

Dante’s style of fighting is similar to his persona in Devil May Cry 4. He can alternate between 4 styles to create new techniques or block incoming demon attacks. Dante retains his signature weapons ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Devil Sword Sparda’, and some other weapons that he used in the previous series. Dante’s combat style is fast and deadly, and will allow you to land some great hits.

V has a very different style than the other characters. He wields a book and a silver cane, that allow him to spawn demons to fight for him. He has a simple combat style, and uses his spawns to distract the enemies. His slow pace will allow you to analyze the battles much better so you are able to think out your moves properly.

DMC 5 has very dynamic gameplay and is much more fast-paced than the rest of the titles. You will constantly be learning new combos to defeat your enemies in fun and exciting ways.

Storydevil may cry 5 story

As discussed in the gameplay, there are 3 main playable characters. Similarly, there are 3 different stories that you will be progressing. Dante, Nero, and V are after a demon named Urizen. The demon is in possession of unusual powers due to a tree called Qliphoth. Dante, Nero, and V team up with their fellow hunters to put an end to Urizen. The 3 demon hunters seemingly have different paths, but they converge into one tale in the end.

The story overall feels a little rushed and somewhat lacking, though the ending can get a little emotional for the fans of DMC’s universe.

Graphicsdevil may cry 5 graphics

DMC 5 has some of the best graphics of all time. It provides amazing visual aesthetics and cut scenes. Each of the monsters is super detailed with over-the-top particle details that leave you completely mesmerized. Character designs are stunning, and the fight animations feel really fluid. The only downside is the game environment that feels somewhat average.


Devil May Cry is honestly a treat for all its fans who have waited years for its release. It provides amazing combat features and a soundtrack that will hit you with nostalgia. The game is a great remake and features some of the best fighting elements. With the insane number of weapons and techniques, you will a part of mind-blowing demon hunts. Suffice to say, Devil May Cry 5 is an amazing game that should be played by fans of the series.

Free solitaire games to while away the hours!!

Free solitaire games to while away the hours!!

The recent and very sad news that Yaphet Kotto has died aged 81 has got me re-watching the classic Bond movie Live and Let Die. Remember him as Mr Big/Dr Kananga? Watching this movie as a child terrified me – the crocodiles, the sharks, the henchman with the
metal claw and the voodoo…

Whilst I’m still not sure about Roger Moore as Bond, Jane Seymour as a Bond girl is a different matter. Her ‘Solitaire’ had mystery, skill and a way with cards that was truly magical. And this got me thinking about card games, the skill and luck behind them, and their modern (and free) equivalent online. So if you want to become more like Jane Seymour’s Solitaire and play the cards, which of the many free online Solitaire games are the best?

Let’s start with It’s a pretty small site, with the option of three solitaire games – Klondike, Spider Solitaire and Freecell. There are a number of variations, the sort you’ll see on pretty much every solitaire site, and it’s ok.

That’s it, it’s…ok.
Maybe a bit more Johnny English than James Bond.
Actually, forget that. It’s a bit more Austin Powers than either of those two.

The graphics are basic, the layout is basic, the games are basic. I’ll put my cards on the table and say it is a throwback to a bygone era. But there is room for all types in this world, and who am I to judge.

There is no music that I can find. The card design is huge and a bit clumsy. What I find the strangest is that for the for entry level gaming design, the instructions that come with the game are actually quite complicated and thorough.

This site is a strange one. Maybe it’s your kind of thing, but I’m pretty sure no self-respecting James Bond would be seen at that card table…

At the other end of the spectrum there is the website….and getting straight to the point it is as colourful and fun as one of Dr Kananga’s suits. I counted 22 versions of the game, from golf solitaire (Scottish or golfing versions), solitaire 0-21, lightning version (you play against the computer) and 4 of a kind.

The occasional 30 second ads feel a bit much when you’re playing a quiet game, that half a
minute can seem like eternity. The background playlist can also be pretty ‘interesting’ – the music for Spanish castle solitaire has more of a Dolly Parton, country and western vibe to it. But as free online solitaire sites go, this one is pretty good and you might even learn a new variant. So much better than the solitaire installed as standard on your old basic PC!

Where it all started

To break things up a bit, and to cross my cultural legends, I want to refer back to the most famous solitaire game of all – the Microsoft classic. The original free game. Long before apps…

A bit like Minesweeper, the famous Nokia Snake or Blackberry Brick Breaker, it’s one of those games that is legendary. It was introduced by Microsoft back in the mists of time (the 90’s anyway) as a means of teaching people how to use a mouse. For people of a certain age, it became a key element in avoiding homework or pretending to be productive and industrious at work when no one could see your screen!

I still have an old PC from the early 2000’s that works and solitaire is there – it still plays as well as ever but I will leave that version unreviewed here as there aren’t many Windows 95 PC’s available on the market these days!! It’s place in the World Video Game Hall of Fame is all that needs to be said…

Coolmath Games Solitaire

The last site up for review is the Coolmath Games versions of Solitaire. As you’d
expect with this site’s wide range of easy to play games, it’s pretty basic. There are five variants – the strangely named ‘Tingly’ Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Magic SolitairePeg Solitaire and FreeCell (also ‘Tingly’ for some reason!). But it’s not as basic as some others, the solitaire tableau sits on an old wooden table, the music doesn’t get on your nerves and is easy to mute. They also have some educational pages that explain to how to play and offer tips.

The thing with Cool Math Games is that you know what you’re getting. There’s no chat room function alongside the screen and the crude language and name calling that often comes with that. It’s simple to play and has a few options to customize the games your way. But you could hardly call it cutting edge. To continue the Secret Agent theme, I would say it was more Austin Powers than James Bond but there’s room in this world for all sorts…

The Verdict

So which site do you choose to play solitaire and reveal your cards? would be my choice. It’s the Rolls Royce of solitaire sites, or should I say The Aston Martin.

Death Stranding Review – An Action-Adventure Walking Simulator

Death Stranding is not like any other game out there”. This statement holds true even a full year later after its initial release on the PS4. Death Stranding has been developed by the legendary video game producer, Hideo Kojima. Who, after his public breakout with Konami in 2015. Went on to find his own game development studio, now known as The Kojima Productions. Now, Kojima is known for his unique game designs and more so, eccentric creative decisions. He is someone who is not afraid to try out something new, and Death Stranding just that. In this Death Stranding review, we’ll be taking a closer look at all the intricate details in this game.


Let’s start this Death Stranding review by talking about the intricate gameplay mechanics. For starters, Death Stranding is in essence a walking simulator. Where the player has to walk long stretches of vast planes to complete missions. The game is not for everyone, but for a Kojima fan, it is a gold mine of Kojima style Easter Eggs. And more so, Kojima manner of game design that we previously got to see in the old Metal Gear Titles.

It is a game that does not shy away from making the players work, and work hard at that. Death Stranding is heavy on text and is designed in such a way that every single detail matters.

The game forces the player to pay attention. To the point that if you overlook some details and take on a mission unprepared. It will make you pay in the most excruciatingly painful manner possible.

Aside from its painful game design. Death Stranding has somewhat simple yet fun mechanics that allow the player to construct different objects, like ladders, and such from seemingly nothing. And take hold of weapons and even babies for protection throughout its 100+ hour-long gameplay.

Overall, Death Stranding provides a weird, yet satisfying gameplay. That is although not for everyone. But for Metal Gear fans, it is a treat that provides an experience that is unlike any other game on the market

Characters & Story:

Death Stranding follows the story of a freelance courier Sam Porter who works for an organization named Bridges. As one of the few reliable delivery Porters at its disposal, it is Sam’s duty to deliver packages to desolate places across a barren America.

While he is on his long journey to deliver his packages. Sam comes across other Bridge members like Deadman, Heartman and even more so, the eccentric Mama.

And also befriends other characters like the young Fragile while getting in a healthy rivalry with a guy named Cliff. Just as this section of my Death Stranding review suggests, the story of this game is quite odd, but also quite interesting.


Death Stranding is without a doubt a visual masterpiece that has some of the best graphics in gaming.

The game looks stunning. And to add each and every single detail; even the never-ending barren planes seem to have been meticulously designed to look as detailed as possible.

Death Stranding is definitely one of the best looking games if its generation. Where its characters not only look, but also feel alive in the true Kojima fashion.


In case my Death Stranding review has not made it clear for you yet, I should just straight-up tell you that this game is a timeless classic that every gamer needs to try out. Some of you might get a little bored while playing this game because of all the walking, but you should still give it a go.