God of War Review – A TALE OF REDEMPTION

God of War Review – A TALE OF REDEMPTION

God of War”, a title very few people wouldn’t be able to recognize if mentioned in the gaming community. Released 5 years after its predecessor from 2013, it has remained one of the most hyped-up games in the universe of gaming and has rightfully earned its title as the Game of the year in 2018. Today, we’re going to be analyzing this highly successful game and all the aspects of it that makes it such a masterpiece! This game is a PlayStation exclusive, just like Spider-Man Miles Morales. So, sadly, not every gamer will be able to experience the fast-paced action and stunning visuals. Now, let’s get started with this God of War review without any further delay!


This God of War review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the mind-blowing gameplay mechanics! The gameplay mechanics have drastically changed following its predecessors. The gamers who are accustomed to the square-square-triangle combo will find the changes a bit strange. though once you get used to it, it can be an extremely rewarding experience. You can feel each hit, each slash, and each punch in battle! When you’re done beating the pulp out of your opponent, you can end it with an awesome finisher. While it is an action game at its core, God of War has various other aspects in its gameplay. There are many puzzles in this RPG that force you to use your wits. Moreover, it is a semi open-world game that allows you to explore the Norse world if you want to relax from time to time. As perfect as it may be, there are some downsides too; one of them being boss fights. Apart from a few unique ones, most of them are repetitive and can get extremely annoying for some people. Though, in the end, the overall experience is worth it.

Story & Characters

After the complete annihilation of the Greek pantheon and the Greek world, Kratos, the main character moves on to the Norse world. He does this to start a more peaceful life with his family. The game starts with the burning of the corpse of Kratos’ wife, Faye. This marks the first step of the journey with his son, Atreus, to spread her ashes from the summit of the highest mountain in all of the Norse realms. It is a seemingly simple story on the outside, but the true art lies in the relationship between Kratos and his son. Kratos tries to become a good father to maybe redeem himself for the monstrosities he has committed in the past. You also get to learn about Norse mythology along the way too!


Considering it took about 5 years for a new sequel to come, the graphics and visuals are absolutely STUNNING. It beautifully portrays the Norse world and keeps you in awe throughout the whole game.


With an amazing story, stunning graphics and incredible gameplay, I think it truly did deserve the Game of the Year award. God of War is a nearly-perfect game that just falls behind because of its repetitive gameplay.

With this, I conclude my God of War review.

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