Hitman 3, is the last addition into IO Interactive’s “World of Assassination” series. The game got released as a direct continuation of the previous two games and uniquely cements itself as the most fleshed out, technically robust game in the trilogy. Now, Hitman 3 does not deviate all that much from the previous 2 games. But it has some elements that make it quite a bit unique. So, let’s dive into the game in this Hitman 3 Review and see what this new addition to the Hitman Franchise has in store for us.

Game Design:

In terms of Game Design, as mentioned before, Hitman 3 is not that much different from Hitman 1, and Hitman 2; the previous 2 games in the “Assassination World” trilogy. But, there are some differences that we will get into in a little bit, later but for now, let’s focus on the basics.

So, Hitman 3 is not a big game. It is a rather short game, with 5 huge levels and then some, where the player is allowed to accomplish certain objectives. And, of course, in the classic Hitman style, the players are awarded on the basis of their performance in each level and which objectives they complete at the end of each mission.

The experience gained through each mission would allow the player to then level up, get access to more abilities. Now, this is where the similarities end. IO Interactive have actually added doors, and certain shortcuts throughout each mission in Hitman 3, that the players can open and actually take advantage of in their next run. 

So, with this detail, you can easily deduce that Hitman 3 is actually a game designed for replayability rather than focusing on the story. So, it is a bit hard to get into. However, Hitman 3 also has a pretty robust story, that we will get more into, in the next section of this Hitman 3 Review.

Story & Characters:

As mentioned at the start of the article, Hitman 3 starts off from where we left off agent 47 in the last game.

I will try to keep this section of my review as spoiler-free as possible. The developers have actually strung out each cut scene together with the gameplay, so they do not feel invasive as they did in the previous games. And we even have a lot more, great moments between Agent 47 and Diana here in this final game.

So, if you loved their relationship in the previous 2 games, you are in for a surprise and quite a bit of shock in Hitman 3.


Visuals are something that this Hitman 3 review can never be complete without. The visuals of Hitman are as crisp as ever in this latest game, and they truly showcase the real capability of the next-gen hardware. The lighting in the game has been greatly improved by using raytracing technology, and the shadows have also been reworked.


Overall, Hitman 3 is an incredible game, that although is not groundbreaking. But as a Puzzle stealth game, it has a ton of replayability and a lot more substance to each level than we saw in the previous 2 games.

Still, the game feels a lot like its predecessors and does not make that many changes to its gameplay. There are some modifications here and there that make it a fantastic game for even someone who has never played a Hitman game in their entire life.

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