Death Stranding Review – An Action-Adventure Walking Simulator

Death Stranding Review – An Action-Adventure Walking Simulator

Death Stranding is not like any other game out there”. This statement holds true even a full year later after its initial release on the PS4. Death Stranding has been developed by the legendary video game producer, Hideo Kojima. Who, after his public breakout with Konami in 2015. Went on to find his own game development studio, now known as The Kojima Productions. Now, Kojima is known for his unique game designs and more so, eccentric creative decisions. He is someone who is not afraid to try out something new, and Death Stranding just that. In this Death Stranding review, we’ll be taking a closer look at all the intricate details in this game.


Let’s start this Death Stranding review by talking about the intricate gameplay mechanics. For starters, Death Stranding is in essence a walking simulator. Where the player has to walk long stretches of vast planes to complete missions. The game is not for everyone, but for a Kojima fan, it is a gold mine of Kojima style Easter Eggs. And more so, Kojima manner of game design that we previously got to see in the old Metal Gear Titles.

It is a game that does not shy away from making the players work, and work hard at that. Death Stranding is heavy on text and is designed in such a way that every single detail matters.

The game forces the player to pay attention. To the point that if you overlook some details and take on a mission unprepared. It will make you pay in the most excruciatingly painful manner possible.

Aside from its painful game design. Death Stranding has somewhat simple yet fun mechanics that allow the player to construct different objects, like ladders, and such from seemingly nothing. And take hold of weapons and even babies for protection throughout its 100+ hour-long gameplay.

Overall, Death Stranding provides a weird, yet satisfying gameplay. That is although not for everyone. But for Metal Gear fans, it is a treat that provides an experience that is unlike any other game on the market

Characters & Story:

Death Stranding follows the story of a freelance courier Sam Porter who works for an organization named Bridges. As one of the few reliable delivery Porters at its disposal, it is Sam’s duty to deliver packages to desolate places across a barren America.

While he is on his long journey to deliver his packages. Sam comes across other Bridge members like Deadman, Heartman and even more so, the eccentric Mama.

And also befriends other characters like the young Fragile while getting in a healthy rivalry with a guy named Cliff. Just as this section of my Death Stranding review suggests, the story of this game is quite odd, but also quite interesting.


Death Stranding is without a doubt a visual masterpiece that has some of the best graphics in gaming.

The game looks stunning. And to add each and every single detail; even the never-ending barren planes seem to have been meticulously designed to look as detailed as possible.

Death Stranding is definitely one of the best looking games if its generation. Where its characters not only look, but also feel alive in the true Kojima fashion.


In case my Death Stranding review has not made it clear for you yet, I should just straight-up tell you that this game is a timeless classic that every gamer needs to try out. Some of you might get a little bored while playing this game because of all the walking, but you should still give it a go.

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