Far Cry 6 Review – The Most Expansive Far Cry Title

Far Cry 6 Review – The Most Expansive Far Cry Title

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Far Cry 6 has been out for about a month now, and it has been receiving somewhat positive reviews from the community. The game introduces us to a few new interesting mechanics while still retaining the original feel of the series. Today, in my Far Cry 6 review, I’ll be touching on all the things that you need to know before you purchase this awesome instalment of the series.

Plot and Story Progression far cry 6 screenshot

Just like every other Far Cry game we’ve played in the past, the plot of this game is pretty intense, unique and interesting. This time, we play as a male or female protagonist named Dani Rojas on a fictional island called Yara. Yara is currently being controlled by a cruel and charismatic leader named Anton Castillo, the main antagonist of the game. We are a part of the resistance that lives to fight against this evil man and his regime in order to free the people of Yara.

The story progression of Far Cry 6 is, surprisingly, a little bland and somewhat predictable. Despite having a pretty solid premise, the story moves forward in a cliché movie-like manner. I think the writers should have added a few extra twists and turns in the story to make it more interesting.

Charactersfar cry 6 screenshot

The Characters of Far Cry 6 are some of my favourite Far Cry characters of all time. What makes this new cast of memorable characters so good are the amazing actors behind them that make every single scene feel like it has been taken straight out of a high-budget movie. Ubisoft found the actors that were most fitting to play their particular roles in this story. I think that they have done their job splendidly!

My favourite character in the series would, of course, be the psychotic leader of Yara that always keeps us at the edges of our seats. Anton Castillo has been played by Giancarlo Esposito, who is one of the most loved actors in the entire world thanks to his ground-breaking performance in Breaking Bad. He is a ruthless leader that rules Yara with an iron fist and knows how to control all the people around him.

GameplayFar Cry 6 Screenshot

The gameplay of Far Cry 6 is pretty similar to the older Far Cry titles, but it changes things up slightly by adding a bit more of an arcadey feel to the game. There are many different weapons to choose from, and like always, you can complete all the missions in front of you in multiple ways. Overall, I really enjoyed the new gameplay mechanics and improvements of this game that made it feel like a new experience while also preserving everything that makes Far Cry awesome in the first place.

Instead of the usual RPG-like levelling-up system that we’ve seen in the previous Far Cry games, we get stronger in Far Cry 6 by unlocking new abilities and equipping better weapons. There are many different weapons and abilities that the player can unlock in this game, and what I really love about this aspect of the game is that you can complete certain types of missions more easily by using some particular weapons and equipment. This means that you will now have to strategize before starting a new mission.

World Design

As the title of this Far Cry 6 review itself states, the world of Far Cry 6 is the most expansive Far Cry world ever. There are tons of things to do in this game and many new things that you’ll have to explore. Personally, I liked and disliked this change in the game at the same time. While new and complex mechanics are always welcome in a semi-realistic game like Far Cry, there are just too many new features in this instalment that can seem pretty confusing and time-consuming at times.

Of course, the broad world of this game can also make it your favourite Far Cry game if you like to put in the hours and play a videogame like it’s meant to be played.


The Visuals of Far Cry games have always been ahead of their time, and that seems to be the case with this latest instalment as well. Far Cry 6 is the best looking Far Cry game so far, and its 3rd person cinematic cutscenes really elevate the awesome story. All the characters look very realistic, and the lip-syncing is on a completely different level.

Conclusionfar cry 6 screenshot

Far Cry 6 isn’t the perfect addition to the Far Cry franchise, but it is still pretty amazing and deserves all the praise that it gets. This game is way more in-depth compared to all the previous entries, and its characters are just breathtaking. I’d like to end my Far Cry 6 review by stating that you should go play this game as soon as possible!

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