Watch Dogs Legion Review – Latest Entry in the Series

Watch Dogs Legion Review – Latest Entry in the Series

Along with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion is one of the most hyped-up Ubisoft games of 2020. This game is the third instalment of the world-renowned Watch Dogs Series, and it gives us something completely new and unique. Today, I am going to give you guys a short Watch Dogs Legion review. We are going to take a closer look at all the different aspects of this game that make it such a huge success.


The gameplay mechanics of this game are totally phenomenal as they show us what Ubisoft is truly capable of. In Watch Dogs Legion, every NPC is a potential playable character! Any walking NPC can become your ally and the protagonist of your story. You just have to get close to a random NPC, use your hacking skills to review their skills and abilities, and if you like them, then you can easily make them a part of your team. To recruit an NPC, you usually just have to complete a random mission for them.

I absolutely adore the lack of repetitiveness in this game. Almost every character is different from each other as they all bring something new to your team. You can use a number of ways to complete any mission in this game. You can straight-up charge at your enemies and kill them, or you can try hacking your way through every mission. Some characters make certain missions easier as their abilities are perfect for that particular mission. However, one thing that I like about Watch Dogs Legion is the fact that you can complete any mission by using any type of character.

Other than these marvellous additions, the gameplay features of Watch Dogs Legion are quite similar to the previous Watch Dogs games.


I did not really like the visuals of this game because they seem a bit outdated. Don’t get me wrong, the world itself is wonderful in Watch Dogs Legion. This game manages to perfectly portray a modern-day London. However, the characters themselves seem a bit stale.

Another weak point of this game that I’d like to mention in my Watch Dogs Legion Review is that it is also very poorly optimised on PC. Even with an RTX 3090 GPU, you are only able to get around 30 FPS at 4K max settings. This lower FPS is a result of the poorly implemented ray tracing feature.


The story of this game is just as good as the previous games. As I mentioned above, any character can be the protagonist in this game. The story takes place in the future, and it shows us how a private military company has taken hold of London and its people. As a part of the hacker group called Dedsec, we must liberate the people of London. Before you know it, you will get completely invested in the game!


Watch Dogs Legion is a stunning addition to the Watch Dogs series. With an amazing story and a brilliant cast of characters, Watch Dogs Legion is going to keep you entertained for a very long time. While this game is not really a masterpiece, it is still a must-play title.

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