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Omori is a role-playing video game that got released back in the December of 2020. This psychological horror game had been in the works for many years and managed to raise more than 200,000 USD on Kickstarter. While some fans are not really happy about the release being so late, the game still got pretty positive reviews from the community overall. In this Omori review, I’ll be going over all the things that make this game a huge success! I’ll also be pointing out a few things that the game developers could’ve improved.

Story & Plot Progression:  

Original art by OmoCatThe story is definitely the best thing about this game that we can’t help but fall completely in love with. Our main protagonist is a boy named Sunny, who is currently stuck between two different worlds. In the real world, everything seems to have gone completely wrong. Sunny no longer has any friends that he can interact with and prefers to stay shut inside the house.

In the other world, however, things seem to be quite different as the young boy has three best friends named Aubrey, Kel and Hero. Apart from these three, there seem to be some other amazing people in his life as well that are always there to help him as he embarks on different adventures.

This psychological game has a very deep story based on the mental state of our main character that can only be understood by playing it for yourself. The way the story progresses depends completely on your own personal choices, and there are many different endings. You will probably feel very lost when you’ve just started the game, but the story will make more and more sense as you keep on moving forward.

One thing that I’d like to point out in my Omori review is that this game explicitly focuses on the individual stories of all the characters involved. The characters are different, memorable and very, very likeable.

Gameplay Mechanics:Omori Gameplay

I know I said that the story of this game is probably its strongest aspect, but the gameplay mechanics are not really far behind either. This game will give you a bit of a 90s Pokemon games’ vibe as it has been made using RPGmaker.

What really surprised me regarding the gameplay of Omori was its extremely well-built battle system. The game offers turn-based battles that are very exciting as they require a lot of strategizing. There are different elements in this game, and you will have to learn to utilize these elements correctly. While the normal enemies are very easy to beat, the boss battles in this game are truly exciting and force you to retry again and again before you can finally get that win.Omori Battle

Apart from this amazing battle system, the game just offers the usual RPGmaker stuff that we’ve seen many times before. However, thanks to the way the story moves forward, you never really feel bored while going through the game.

Overall, I think that OmoCat has handled the simple gameplay mechanics of Omori perfectly and given us exactly what we needed.

Visuals, World-Building & Sound Design:Original Art

Visually speaking, the game is simply wonderful! The pixelated and colourful look of the dream world is amazing. There’s just something about beautiful colours and adorable characters giving us a very horrifying story that makes Omori unique and extremely impactful. While the game itself has pixelated graphics, the cutscenes and the characters themselves have been fully animated using a dull yet colourful art style.

I did say that I will also be focusing on the things that need a bit of improvement in this Omori Review. The thing that I didn’t really like too much about this game was its world-building. While the dream world isn’t half bad, the developers have not paid any proper attention to the real world, and it just seems too small. I think that the real world should’ve had more things to do and discover.

Usually, I don’t really focus too much on the sound design of a video game, but the sound in Omori is just something we can’t ignore. OSTs are a huge part of this game as they properly represent the feelings that Omori is trying to convey.

ConclusionOriginal Art

At the end of my Omori review, I’d just like to say that this game deserves all the love and attention. Omori is a masterpiece that needs to get played by every single gamer. The multiple endings and very addicting battle system make this game very replayable! Even if you are not someone who usually plays turn-based pixelated RPG titles, Omori is something you will still enjoy.

With an impactful story, amazing gameplay mechanics and beautiful visuals, Omori is my favourite RPGmaker game!

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