Detroit: Become Human Review – Friends or Foes?

Detroit: Become Human Review – Friends or Foes?

“Artificial Intelligence”; a term that has baffled us for quite a while now. Many people talk about its rise like a major event meant to happen in the future. However, the truth is, it’s happening right now, in front of us. The only difference is how much it’ll take over our lives in the not so distant future. The real question is, when it does, will it be dangerous? And if it is, will we be able to control it?

Well, this game exactly takes that into perspective. Released in 2018, it takes this exact theoretical possibility into account. In this Detroit: Become Human review, I will analyze how well this idea was executed, as well as talk about its other aspects, like gameplay and visuals.

GameplayDetroit: Become Human Gameplay

With almost 4 years of development backing it up, you can rest assured knowing that the gameplay is absolutely AMAZING. Detroit: Become Human is a game played from a 3rd person perspective. The true beauty of this game lies in the choices you make and how those choices will affect the events later on. This is a game in which there are no “checkpoints” or “retries”, which means that once you die, it is quite literally GAME OVER. With this, almost every moment in this game is critical and tensed, with the outcome depending on you. Apart from the choices in dialogues, there are other awesome moments to experience, like savage battle sequences and perilous chase scenes. Moreover, the movements are pretty fluid. The gameplay, good as it may be, can feel very slow at times, and sometimes the dialogues are stretched more than necessary.

This concludes the gameplay aspect of my Detroit: Become Human review.

Story & CharactersDetroit: Become Human gameplay

Moving on, I’d be doing a disservice to this Detroit: Become Human review if I didn’t mention its story. Though some gamers might not enjoy the gameplay mechanics, the story is almost undisputedly compelling and well-written. You can control 3 characters in this game, Connor, Kara and Markus; each of them having their own objective. Connor is chosen to investigate the cause of the deviancy among androids. Markus is chosen to lead the liberation of androids. Kara’s story, on the other hand, is a bit more wholesome and subtle; that is, freeing a little girl named Alive from her abusive father and making the journey towards Canada in attempts to give her a better life. How each story follows is up to you, with each possibility being perfectly crafted and well-written.

VisualsDetroit: Become Human Visuals

The visuals in this game are no joke. It almost feels like real life, but with a touch of vibrant colours (and sometimes dark and gloomy depending on the setting). The graphics are as realistic as a 2018 game could get, and the details are surreal.


Now, Of course, this game isn’t meant for everyone. To people who are more into action and RPGs, this would feel a bit boring. Though, if you’re into choice-based games and love a good story, this is a perfect choice.

With this, I conclude my Detroit: Become Human Review.

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