Spider-Man Miles Morales Review – An Amazing PS5 Launch Title!

Spider-Man Miles Morales Review – An Amazing PS5 Launch Title!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales is a new exclusive for the PlayStation console. It is a direct sequel to the previous Spider-Man game from 2018. This PlayStation exclusive got a lot of hype from the gaming community when it got its first announcement. Now, Spider-Man Miles Morales has finally been released, and it is being enjoyed by every other PlayStation gamer. In my Spider-Man Miles Morales review, I am going to break down all the different aspects of this game that make it an exciting addition to the series.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Gameplay:Spider-Man Miles Morales Gameplay

While most gamers are happy with the gameplay mechanics of this new title, personally, I am not quite satisfied. Don’t get me wrong! I believe that the gameplay of Spider-Man Miles Morales is brilliant, but it does not bring anything new to the table. Everything in this game feels quite similar to the previous Spider-Man game. While the game has tried to give Miles his own style by giving him some unique abilities, overall, he fights just like the other Spider-Man.

Another thing that I hate regarding this game is its open-world design from a gameplay perspective. Your interactions with all the people on the streets of New York are quite dull and short-lived. All the side-quests in the game also seem quite boring and forgettable.

Story & Characters:Spider-Man Miles Morales story

What Spider-Man Miles Morales lacks in terms of gameplay, it makes up for with its amazing cast of characters and brilliantly written story. The story of this game is its number one highlight! As you might’ve already guessed from the title of this game, the protagonist is a young man named Miles Morales, who is the new and immature Spider-Man. Over the course of this game, we see how Miles develops into a more dependable and mature character because of all the responsibilities on his shoulders.

While the characters in this game are quite interesting, the game should have implemented them in a better way. All the characters are quite memorable and relatable, and they all add something new to the story.

Visuals:Spider-Man Miles Morales visuals

At first, I thought that visuals were going to be the main highlight of the game and my Spider-Man Miles Morales review. However, sadly, that is not the case. Yes, the visuals do look amazing on the PlayStation 5 consoles because of the new raytracing technology, but they don’t fully represent the capabilities of the next-gen consoles. Visually, remove the raytracing, and this game looks exactly like the previous Spider-Man title.


After reading my Spider-Man Miles Morales review, some of you might get the idea that I have a very negative outlook regarding this game. However, that is definitely not the case! I believe that Insomniac Games has done an amazing job with this game, and it is a must-play title. Despite that fact, this game does not seem as polished as some of the other PlayStation exclusive titles.

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