5 Of The Most Underrated Xbox Games

5 Of The Most Underrated Xbox Games

I thought it’d make for an interesting blog to look at some of the most underrated titles on the Xbox. A few of the titles listed below I didn’t think would be so overlooked. But to my surprise some are underrated and others are really really hated to a point of having entire communities online discussing how bad they are.

So let’s take a look at 5 of the most underrated Xbox games in recent times. These are purely just my opinions, so if you think I’ve got some of these wrong, let me know in the comment section.

Quantum Break

Released all the way back in April 2016, Quantum Break is a science slash action adventure game. You play as Jack, who is able to manipulate time and based on certain decision points in the game it’s up to you how it plays out. What makes this game great is that it intertwines cutscenes of a live action TV show. The actors in these cutscenes are the same voice actors in the game. I wouldn’t say the game is difficult but the plot, voice actors, and graphics are fantastic. As a single player only game, it’s definitely up there for me but not for others it seems, which is why I’ve included it on this list.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is the sequel to Titanfall, a first person shooter. Now to be honest I was unsure whether or not to include Titanfall 2 on this list. The reason being, all over the internet there are gaming forums and discussion boards where a hell of a lot of people cite Titanfall 2 as being one of the most underrated xbox games. If so many people are saying it’s underrated, surely it can’t be underrated! I’ve included it anyway and the reason why is simple. Whilst doing my research for this blog I myself thought it was often overlooked! I had to dig deep to find people that thought it wasn’t.

Give Titanfall 2 a shot, you may just love it!

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Another game released back in 2016, the game wasn’t just overrated but it was pretty heavily scrutinised and hated when it was launched! I know the futuristic game mechanics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t deserve the hate thrown at it.

It isn’t the greatest game in the COD franchise but it’s not terrible. It’s a lot better than black ops three that’s for sure. I feel the hate stemmed from gamers getting a bit tired of the genre and suffered from a bit of burnout, the market felt saturated with futuristic titles at the time. The game has some awesome unique weapons and game mechanics. The only thing I really thought let this game down a bit was the map level design.

Give Infinite Warfare another go and it may just surprise you, I feel opinions will change in a few years and this game will be considered one of the better titles in the franchise.

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Stardew Valley

Developed by indie developer Eric Barone over a period of 4 years, this simple simulation RPG won’t exactly set the world ablaze with awesome graphics or intense voice acting and cut scenes. It is after all a pixel based farming simulator. It’s got an awesome following on most platforms but the Xbox scene seems to underrate the game somewhat. You start the game receiving a small plot of land in Pelican Town. Your job is to clear the land of boulders, trees, stumps, and weeds so that you can restore the land to a fully functioning farm. The task you face is to generate revenue as you work on expanding your land and buildings.


Probably the most underrated game on this list. Prey is an awesome shooter that somewhat reminds me of Bioshock, Half-Life or something of that nature. The game is set on board the Talos-I space station, the tasks you with navigating an alien infestation of gargantuan proportions. According to online commentators a lack of marketing and lots of bugs at release brought it down the pecking order a bit.


So there you have it, my list of 5 underrated Xbox games. Have we got it right? Or can you think of another game that’s more underrated than the ones we have on our list? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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