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Diablo 3 Beta Brings Barbarian Beatings to your Face

Not since I sat down and loaded up my first session of Diablo 2 back in the summer of 2000 have I witnessed such...




Google Pixel 4 – Will it make it into your basket for Christmas

Well, the road to Christmas and Black Friday is now complete. With the Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 now in the market, we can...

6 Awesome Gifts for Minecraft Players

This post contains Amazon Associates links. This means that we make a little money if you click the link and make a qualifying purchase....

The Most Amazing Minecraft Sculptures That Have Topped Reddit

There are plenty of Minecraft sculptures out there but none come close to the works of art produced by professional modder, Ushio Tokura. In a...


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Man Up for Movember – Make Mo Money for Men’s Health

The purpose of the global phenomenon that is Movember is to raise both awareness and money to combat men’s health issues, primarily prostate cancer. Started...

Too Much Facebook could cause Autism in Children

In the latest health scare regarding the internet, scientists at Oxford University have warned that children who spend too much time on...

The Most Controversial GDPR Fines So Far

The GDPR is the European data protection regulation governing the ways in which businesses use data and which extends the rights people have to...


Grand Theft Auto V Makes Grand Trailer Debut

Rockstar made a big splash in showing off their debut trailer for the latest GTA game, simply entitled: Grand Theft Auto V. After the...