Man Up for Movember – Make Mo Money for Men’s Health


The purpose of the global phenomenon that is Movember is to raise both awareness and money to combat men’s health issues, primarily prostate cancer.

Started by a couple of Australian buddies over a few beers, Movember, a month-long commitment to cultivate a moustache for charity, was born back in 2003. It grew from being purely a conversation-starter to a charity movement that generates millions of dollars every eleventh month of the year.

How Mo Can You Go?

From there, the fluffy-around-the-edges idea was turned into a full-blown fund and hair-raising experience. Its bristly followers crept up all over the world as the word was spread far and wide.

To put it in perspective, Movember has become so successful, that according to, last year over 1 million donors raised over $50 million for the charity’s many beneficiaries. Who knows how much “mo” can be donated this year!

That’s A Hot Mo, Fo Sho

Oh, and don’t worry ladies. Even though you can’t rock a glorious mo like us fellas, you can still be just as involved with the fund-raising events that range across the moustachioed globe this month.

The movement now has major partners who help with joint promotions of Movember events in the form of Snickers, Marshall Amplification and even Old Spice! Perhaps Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa will take a break from building perfect kitchens and creating diamonds from clams in order to get a piece of the tache action.

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