Ex-prisoners reveal the things that shocked them the most when they were released from prison


The world moves quickly, especially these days where technology is constantly developing at an incredibly fast rate.

For ex-prisoners coming back into society, it can be a shock to discover how much the world has moved on.

In this r/AskReddit thread, people who have been incarcerated reveal the things that shocked them the most on their release from prison.

In all fairness, it took me a while to get used to autoflushing toilets and taps on sensor – so we can totally understand how this advance in hygiene had this Redditor’s friend stumped!


Half the time, you get a key card for a hotel room and it doesn’t even work, so I feel for this guy!


Remember when you used to be able to buy a bucket of Lego? Now it seems like you have to buy these complex sets – I just want to build a crazy house in all the colours of the rainbow.


Mobile phones have got to be high on the list of confusing things for anyone who has been inside for a long time, let only navigating the compexities of social media!


Now that you mention it, Earbuds are a little weird looking…


This is interesting… the political climate is a bit nuts at the moment, and who could have predicted that the host of The Apprentice USA would be President in 2019?

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