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The Most Amazing Minecraft Sculptures That Have Topped Reddit

There are plenty of Minecraft sculptures out there but none come close to the works of art produced by professional modder, Ushio Tokura.

In a reddit post which has recieved 162k upvotes, Ushio showcases his sculpture ‘Aquasomnia’. Using the tools on Minecraft, Ushio has created a work of art worthy of the Tate. With intricate details, balances of colours and thoughtful design, it’s no wonder that Ushio’s post was so popular.

Aquasomnia by Ushio Tokura

This isn’t the only impressive sculpture Ushio has created. On his library of projects on Planet Minecraft are lots of equally impressive designs, which Minecraft players can download and read more about the method and meaning behind the projects. Below are a few of his most impressive pieces.

The Perfect Marionnette – Ushio Tokura
Flower Corpse – Ushio Tokura
Idyllic Cage – Ushio Tokura

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