“The war will all be over by Christmas!” This was the common cry of soldiers and politicians during our species’ little “World War phase”. However, with Star Wars: The Old Republic, the war will just be starting by Christmas.

That means that you have a mere three months to finalize your crucial decisions on how you will enter the galactic conflict. Will you try and save the Republic with those la-de-da, goody-two-shoes Jedi types? Or will you break out into some sweet red lightsaber action and pledge yourself to the Dark Side?

I know which side I like the look of. Here’s a hint: it’s the side that likes throwing around liberal amounts of Force Lightning.

Choose your first character’s class and faction, decide your destiny… then prepare to wait for three months. Never mind, it could have been worse, there have been constant rumblings these past few months that SWTOR would be pushed back to 2012, so the fact that it will be with us in time for Christmas comes as something of an unexpected treat.

Somewhat more predictably, the monthly charges for playing SWTOR were also announced and they are on a par with the mighty monarch of MMOs, World of Warcraft

Things are heating up now. Although it will probably take many months of playing time to see if SWTOR has the stones to take on WoW for the title of being the top MMO, it will be fascinating to have the a proper trial of BioWare’s first MMO outing.

Will the hundreds of millions of invested dollars be money well spent? Or will The Old Republic briefly blaze then slowly burn out like its predecessor, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided – PC