Don’t worry, this isn’t the big, “free Portal 2 DLC for everybody” plan gone terribly, terribly awry. Valve will still have a significant DLC expansion pack that’s free for gamers on all platforms, this particular DLC is something else. Something a little bit stranger, and a lot more expensive.

Valve’s latest Portal 2 DLC pack has been based around Hydra, the new PC motion controller from Razer that costs $140. It’s available through Steam and it looks pretty full-on, with “resizeable weighted cubes” which allow you to “solve puzzles in a new and exciting way”. I’ve no idea how that would work, but it sounds cool. Here’s the kicker though:

It’s only available for Hydra users.

This means that you’ll have to shell out the ludicrous 140 bucks for the motion controller in order to access the DLC. While it seems pretty substantial with 10 new Portal 2 levels, that’s still a hefty price tag.

If you’re desperate to get more puzzle-solving, portal-placing action in your life, then the option is open to you. However, it might be worth sticking it out a little longer for more news on the “free for everyone” DLC that Valve promised shortly after the launch of Portal 2.