It’s been nearly three months since the $750 million grossing Christopher Nolan creation Inceptionhit the movie screens and let’s be honest, our dreams haven’t been the same since.

Now when you wake up from a particularly vivid dream, you reach for that scuffed coin, broken pocket watch or whatever your totem happens to be in order to check that you’re actually back in reality. Everybody does that now… right?

Not content with bending dreams along with the perspectives of cinema audiences, Nolan now wants to make a video game based on the hit movie: “(What) we are looking at doing is developing a video game based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can’t fit into a feature film,” Nolan summed up concisely in a press conference in Rome, as reported by Variety.

What ideas might these be? Given the grand scale and intriguing concepts that were explored in the film, there’s got to be a lot of cool stuff that was left on the cutting room floor by necessity.

The beauty of setting an Inception video game in the background of the film is that there are so many paths it could take. There’s scope to make an FPS, with weapons that materialize right out of your imagination and potential for some more of the awesome gravity-defying combat that we saw in the film.

Alternatively, your in-game character could be tasked with the role of an architect, designing and building whole worlds from scratch. Cast in this God/strategy form, the game could feature some truly impressive building opportunities if it was done right.

Or why not a hybrid? A mix of action FPS, building sim and even RPG where your character gains the power to dream more powerfully and vividly as they level up?
But let’s not get too carried away here. Exciting though the idea is, it’s only started to be kicked around by the film’s creators. So it could be a very long time before we see anything more concrete.

Even then, let’s remind ourselves that video game adaptations of films are usually heart-breakingly awful. Still, we can dare to dream!

What direction do you think an Inception video game should take? What would you like to see featured in it?