Diablo 3 Release Date Not Announced at Blizzcon 2011


Sorry, Blizzard fans! After almost 11 years of waiting since the glorious Hack n’ Slash epic Diablo 2 graced our PCs, the wait continues as Blizzard did not announce when the third instalment of the series will be available.

Blizzard’s Senior Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen did say that Diablo 3 is in the “home stretch” of its development cycle, meaning that you can most likely expect it to be released in early 2012. Beyond that, we’re still in the dark I’m afraid!

That means you have a goodly amount of time left to hone those index fingers into deadly clicking machines! It also means there’s time to mull over that all-important decision: Which class will you try Diablo 3 with first?

For me, the Barbarian has always been the first choice, as there is something immensely satisfying about crushing and slicing demons to bloody ruin with a variety of wickedly destructive weaponry. Although… the spells of the new wizard class do look awesome and scarily powerful. Arrgh! Perhaps the choice isn’t as clear cut as I thought!

Whichever one of the five warriors you choose to walk into Diablo 3 with, it’s bound to be a blast. If the recently released beta is an indication of the finished product’s quality, then you can forget about sleep, other games and an assortment of personal projects when Diablo 3 is finally released.

Diablo 3 is a Hack n’ Slash RPG developed and published by Blizzard. Its release date is still unknown and it will be available only for PC, although there have been scattered rumors of a console adaptation emerging at some point in the future.

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