Well, the road to Christmas and Black Friday is now complete.

With the Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 now in the market, we can look forward to a whole series of technical and commercial comparisons, Samsung times its releases of February so therefore gives its competitors months to adjust to its technology pitch and pricing. Comparing to relatively an older model, it seems unfair to compare.

Google Hand Gesture Control


Google, as is customary, is relying on its software expertise is relying on to underpin its market success.

Interestingly that expertise has allowed it to produce a lower engineered product, two cameras not three and come away what to some looks like a more aesthetically pleasing model by comparison to the IPhone, probably a first for Google in all the years it has been competing with Apple.

And it is in the software and apps that Google’s seems to be getting the better reviews.

Its inclusion of radar and infrared technology means it not only detects when you approach the phone, cue an app that alarms when someone moves towards your phone, but it also lights up the infrared so it is ready to do the face recognition making it faster.

google pixel 4
google pixel 4

The radar also helps the assistant software by pre-empting your arrival at the phone. The assistant software which is already driven by its broader data collection, its reminders that I need to leave for a meeting including fairly accurate commute times has saved me so many times.

The new record app which does live voice to text transcription while the phone is offline, for those that don’t like typing this is great. Yes, you can do this while online, I do it on my mac now, for those that commute and find themselves offline with this great, waiting to see if it will take pre-recordings I upload onto the phone.

Assuming this will be available at some point on the phone API, it may well bring new ways that we interact with social media, live voice mail chats to text in groups. Captioning on messages is pretty cool, again if you are in meetings or desperately not trying to make noise.

What everyone has always like about google are its price points. Since the Nexus 5, it has been priced to compete. Here it is priced against the iPhone 11 and not the iPhone 11 Pro, at my local store the 11 and Pixel are the same price per month.

Interestingly with Huwai not carrying Android at present, this helped Google sales in the US.

Samsung fans having to wait to February perhaps buying Google’s best phone instead of Apple’s second-best might feel a little better decision to make, for those that buy Android it is certainly compelling.

I have my Pixel 3, perhaps the thought of not typing my next article might see the Pixel 4 in my basket for Christmas.