Who is better captain – Virat Kolhi or Ricky Pointing?

Virat is playing his 50th test and scoring a century.

The debate remains – who has had a major impact on the team and who is the better captain?

When Ricky Pointing took over as Australian Captain he had a strong team to captain which Steve Waugh created.

Ricky had a team with experience of 500 test matches combined. Some would say that the team can captain itself.

When Virat Kolhi took over he had a weaker team to build. Virat Kohli’s average as a captain went from 39 to 61.1.

Some would say he has had a major impact on the team as the pressure and responsibility was on him to score Runs.

Ricky Pointing was already a World-Class batsmen and Virat Kohli developed into a World Class Batsmen.

Virat Kolhi has won 16 homes test matches while Rickey Pointing won 22 and both have won 13 away test matches in their 50 test matches as captain. Virat Kohli is the first Asian test captain to win in Australia but Ricky Pointing has yet to win a test series in India.


You would say Virat Kohli has had major impact since becoming captain of India but he is yet to win test series in England and South Africa. Can the king continue as India test captain and take over 48 wins set by Ricky Pointing?