Having just become the 2nd ever Indian opener to score three or more hundreds in a test series, we look at why Rohit Sharma is such a successful run scorer.

  • He loves the responsibility and has the discipline and hunger to score big runs.
  • The time and laziness approach is what makes him class apart from other batsmen.
  • He has developed a new maturity to batting at test level.
  • He knows how to get big hundreds and he has a calmness at the crease for day long periods.
  • He is very fluid batsmen.
  • He is able to put pressure on spinners with his ability to rotate the strike.
  • He knows how to get the double hundred in white ball cricket.
  • He is able to score all parts of the ground – 75% of his runs come from boundaries.
  • He has ability to hit good deliveries for boundaries.
  • He is able to score quickly. The difference is the bat speed and shot selection.
  • He is able to play with soft bottom hand.
  • The crowds have been good throughout the test series.
  • When he hits his boundary they are hit very powerfully.
  • He is one of the few to pull off the front foot.
  • He scored his maiden double hundred with a six.
  • He gets into position so quick and scoring at a strike rate of 80 plus.
  • He has played an absolute magnificent innings.

The South African bowlers look tired and the negative body language comes from how easy Rohit makes batting look. Throughout the series the Indian batsmen have shown discipline respecting the danger lines from 4th stump to 6th stump line and they have left the ball well.