Playing the spinning ball in India becomes a difficult task when the pitch is breaking up. The reason is that the bounce is unpredictable and the ball turns – some turn sharply.
If you dont counter attack you will eventually get out to a good or from uneven bounce.
What I feel is important is to use your feet, come down the wicket or go back to give to yourself some room to play the spinning ball.

Gully Cricket

Gully cricket is famous game of cricket all youngsters play in India. This is brilliant game to build nimble footwork and flexible wrists.

It’s a game of getting out from the ball bouncing twice. So what you have to do is get the ball to bounce close to you – by the second bounce the fielding can catch the ball.

This simple game allows you to build the basic skills you need to play against spinning ball.

Spinners always get purchase from the rough. The good length ball is the danger ball so the batsmen must stand on, off stump which allows the batsmen to play the line of the ball. Soft hands are important to allow the uneven bounce. It allows the batsmen to play with full face of the batsmen.

Sweeping is good option to disturb the good length and your scoring options are from mid-on to wicket. You don’t want to play square of wicket because is prevents you from playing from a full face of the bat.

The Pune Wicket

The Pune wicket is flat pitch but South African batsmen have played poor shots ass the pitch on the danger area is flat. Sometimes the pressure of the game allows you to make indecision and clarity of mind is the key to success.

Mohammed Shami has the best strike rate in the second innings. This gives Virat Kohli options and doesn’t put too much pressure on spinners to win the game. Virat Kolhi is building a strong test team. They still have away wins to conquer.