It was 50 years to the day,
That Green Eggs And Ham went on display,

It was written by beloved Dr Seuss,
Whose oft-rhyming characters were let loose,

Seuss was challenged in the form of a bet,
A limit of only 50 words was set.

Crafty Dr Seuss managed to win it,
He wrote Green Eggs and Ham within the limit.

The grumpy Grouch and Sam-I-Am
Debated the goodness of Green Eggs and Ham,

In the end the Grouch had decided,
That he liked the dish once he had tried it,

A salutary lesson to children one and all,
To try new things, not shout and bawl,

Dr Seuss did not stop there, oh no!
There were many more works he was eager to show.

From Fox in Socks to The Cat in the Hat,
Enraptured children would quietly listen while sat.

As parents lovingly read them the tales,
Granting Seuss pride, and healthy book sales!

Sharp-eyed reader, please, before you do gloat,
The Cat in the Hat was published earlier, you will note.

Fear not! The chronology I do know,
It was written this way in the interest of flow!

Despite Seuss’ death in 1991,
The author’s tale was not yet quite done.

The stories that he did cleverly craft,
Went from book to movie script draft.

In 2000, dressed up all green and scary,
How the Grinch Stole Christmas starred Jim Carrey.

With manic voice and flailing limb,
A perfect Grinch was created by Jim.

The Cat in the Hat followed in 2003,
Although a triumph it was not to be.

Horton Hears a Who! had more luck,
Five years on when a chord was struck.

Now we Seuss fans eagerly ask ‘What’s next?’,
What more can be coaxed from Seuss’ text?

Well Universal Studios has something in store,
In 2012 The Lorax will bring Seuss’ works to life once more.

So we extend our thanks to you, Dr Seuss,
For all the laughter, fun and joy you did produce.